American Custom Bicycles in Steel, Titanium and Ti/carbon mix

Serious Bonding


Anyone who tells you cycling is a solo sport hasn’t ridden a tandem. Sit on the front and feel the push of pedals behind you, or pedal on the back and place your trust entirely in someone else’s navigation skills. Riding together on the bike draws you closer together off of it. A tandem is far more than the sum of its parts.


Road Tandem Models


Axiom SL 007 Road

The first time you feel the speed and perfect rhythm of tandem riding, a broad, stupid grin crosses your face. We’ve seen it a thousand times. That grin gets even wider when the tandem is Seven’s butted titanium. The feeling never grows old. Neither will the bullet-proof titanium Axiom 007.



Axiom SL 007 Touring

I’s like an RV for folks with a slightly more independent frame of mind. Ride it all day. Unpack it. Cook from it. Camp from it. Ride it another day. And another. And another. The smooth and confidence-inspiring ride of the custom titanium tubeset will beg you to keep adding days to your journey. The Axiom 007 Touring is a freedom machine, for two.



Axiom 007

Our steel road tandem features our exclusive Origin™ butted steel tubeset and a host of tandem-specific features, like an eccentric bottom bracket and a lateral tube design for torsional rigidity and light weight.


Making Your Tandem Twice As Customized

A Few Examples

Bicycle Torque

Brakes used to be simple. But options for road and utility bikes now include side pull, long reach, center pull, cantilever, V-brake, 6” disc, 8” disc, 10” disc, low mount disc, or even drum brakes. Seven works with every type of brake system; we can help you make the right decision for your ideal bike.


Belt Drive

Durability, low maintenance, long service life, simplicity. These are the hallmarks of a belt drive system paired with an internally geared hub. This is just one example of the many drivetrain solutions Seven works with everyday. So, whatever gearing arrangement you want to explore, Seven is here to discuss strengths and considerations with any type of drive system and gearing solution.

Rear Hub

Seven’s most popular tandem rear axle spacings are 145 mm and 160 mm. Of course, we can design around every other hub width that’s ever existed. Ask and you shall receive. Not sure what hub width would be best? We can help you decide.


203 mm disc brakes? Check. Low mount disc option? Check. Drum brake? Check. This checklist not quite what you were looking for? How about 160 mm or 185 mm discs? Or V-brakes, cantilever brakes, Paul brakes, road brakes, or something else? Whatever your preferred method of tandem impedance, we’ve got it covered.

“Once I saw how beautiful the welds were, how perfectly and lovingly the frames were made, I had to have one.” –Forbes