American Custom Bicycles in Steel, Titanium and Ti/carbon mix

Cross Utility


Raced or not, a cyclocross bike makes for a practical, do-it-all, utilitarian rig. When off the course usage is the design mission of the bike, utility can be taken to the extreme by adding rack and fender mounts, your preferred brake set up, additional tire clearance, a higher bottom bracket. These subtle changes yield an adaptable and perfect, all weather, all terrain bike.


Cyclocross Utility Models


Mudhoney SLX

이것은 Mo’s의 경주 자전거중 하나입니다. 그녀는 4년동안 이자전거를
탔습니다. Mudhoney SLX는 레이스의 우승자이며 순수하고 단순합니다.

회전에 적극적이고 빠르며 그녀의 어깨에서 빛을 발하며 SLX의 놀라운 결과는 스스로 입증 합니다.
모든 조인트 부분에 적용된 Butted Titanium은 견고함을 제공합니다.
카본 탑튜브와 시트튜브는 무게와 진동을 줄일 수 있습니다.
만약 당신이 우승을 만끽하고 싶다면 SLX를 선택 하시면 됩니다.



Brakes Systems

Hydraulic or cable actuated disc brakes. Low mount discs. Cantilevers and linear pull. You name the brake system, Seven has an optimized cyclocross design for it. Pick the right brake for your style of riding because improved braking control makes you faster.

Racks & Accessory Mounts

If you’re using your Seven as a cross-utility bike, it’s helpful to know that every mount option is available: fender and rack mounts, third water bottle mounts, spoke holders. Seven even offers custom-made, size-specific racks—front and rear—that we integrate to your frame.

Tire Sizes

Racing UCI events? 32c tires—with lots of mud clearance—it is. Looking to use your bike in a variety of riding and racing conditions? Monstercross, for example? 29 x 2.1” tires are not uncommon. Of course, we design for everything in between these two extremes, too.

“One of the nicest bikes in the world of cross.” –