American Custom Bicycles in Steel, Titanium and Ti/carbon mix

License to Thrill


The vast bulk of the world‘s roadways are unpaved. There are approximately one million miles of unpaved road in the United States alone. That‘s probably enough exploring and adventure to keep you busy for three or four lifetimes. The clear message is: Just because it isn‘t paved doesn‘t mean you shouldn‘t go there. Together.


Mountain Tandem Models


Sola SL 007

29er, 650b, or 26″

A rolling parade of dirt-loving fun. The Sola SL 007 will take a suspension fork and big, gnarly tires, or it‘ll take racks and slicks for fast movement over unsteady ground. Really, any adventure you can dream up, this bike will live down.

“Once I saw how beautiful the welds were, how perfectly and lovingly the frames were made, I had to have one.”–Forbes