American Custom Bicycles in Steel, Titanium and Ti/carbon mix

S&S Bicycle Torque Couplings™ (BTC)

 parts003 Optional on many Seven models, S&S Bicycle Torque Couplings™ (BTC) allow you to separate your Seven into halves (or thirds for a tandem), which pack easily and neatly into a case that travels as standard luggage aboard a plane. The couplings add just a few ounces to the frame weight and have no effect on the frame’s handling or performance.

In order to safely transport your S&S BTC Seven, we also offer the following recommended accessories for an additional charge:

  • 26” x 26” x 10” hard case
  • Frame tube covers
  • Compression members
  • Security mesh net
  • Additional S&S spanner wrench
  • Cable Splitters, Derailleur and Brake
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