American Custom Bicycles in Steel, Titanium and Ti/carbon mix

Belt Drive Option

Seven now offers a greaseless belt drive system as an alternative option for Singlespeed bikes.


What is the Carbon Drive™ System

The Carbon Drive™ System uses a carbon reinforced polyurethane belt in place of a metal chain. The single piece belt has the necessary tensile strength and high modulus to provide a smooth, clean, and long lasting ride experience. This type of system can be used on either road or mountain bikes.


Why Choose the Belt Drive option?

  • Race tested
    Technology has been in use with motorcycles for 25 years
  • Clean, quiet, smooth running action
    Sprocket design sheds mud, snow, and other debris
  • Maintenance free
    No lubrication required; just get on and ride
  • Durability
    Lifespan of a Carbon Drive belt is longer than a conventional chain
  • Light weight
    Carbon Drive Belt and sprockets weigh less than traditional set-up

How much does the Belt Drive Option cost?

The price of this option is $225. This includes only the bolt-on junction at the dropout and seat stay. This option must be used with a track dropout, an eccentric bottom bracket, or slider dropout to correctly tension the belt. Carbon Drive™ belt and components are not included in the price.