American Custom Bicycles in Steel, Titanium and Ti/carbon mix

Integrated Seat Post (ISP) Option

Seamless Design Blends Aesthetics with Rigidity and Reduces Weight

parts010 Seven’s Integrated Seat Post is a new option designed to eliminate the need for a conventional seat post. The ISP option is available on the 622 SLX, Elium SLX, Elium SL, Mudhoney PRO, Mudhoney SLX, Sola PRO, and the Evergreen PRO.


Because there is no need for excess seat post tube to be inserted into the frame, the ISP option is lighter weight than our frame and post separately.


By using a titanium and carbon extension of the seat tube, we create a larger diameter post section that improves stiffness and lends a greater sense of connectedness to the ride feel of the bike.

Seamless Lines

With no seatpost junction to interrupt the lines of the bike, the ISP delivers a sleek aesthetic that was not available until now.


Custom designed with your frame to match your saddle height, minor adjustments are simple. At a given ISP length, the saddle height can be lowered 2 cm and raised 2 cm. With 2.2 cm of setback, the ISP can be used for road, mountain, cyclocross or triathlon disciplines. The ISP uses the same custom designed saddle clamp available in Seven’s titanium seat post.

The Integrated Seat Post is available on new bike orders only, for an additional charge of $400.