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BB30 and Press Fit 30 Options

 parts012 Both the BB30 and Press Fit 30 bottom brackets are available as options on all of our frame models.

What is a BB30 or a Press Fit 30 bottom bracket?

These are terms for two new standards of oversized bottom bracket shells that use 30mm spindle and direct-fit bearings, or bearings housed in cups, that are pressed into the frame’s bottom bracket shell.

Why would someone consider a BB30 or Press Fit 30?

The design eliminates the use of external cups that are threaded into the BB shell to hold the bearings, reducing both overall bike weight and the q-factor of the pedals. The larger bottom bracket shell also accommodates a 30mm spindle, instead of the more common 24mm spindle. This translates into increased drivetrain stiffness.

Are these options compatible with my current 68mm English threaded bottom bracket?

No, this new standard requires the use of a completely different bottom bracket from our standard offering, so there are no parts that are compatible with both standards.

How much does the BB30 or Press Fit 30 68mm option cost?

The additional charge for this option is $295.