American Custom Bicycles in Steel, Titanium and Ti/carbon mix



Seven Mountain Handlebar

Our custom Ti flat bar is built to order, according to your specifications for length, bend, and stiffness. Strong, yet forgiving, it weighs 158g.

정찰가격 : 350,000원




Seven Mountain Riser Handlebar

Our Riser bar features two-piece welded titanium construction to handle the toughest riding conditions. Custom designed to your specifications, you select the rise, bend and sweep of your choice.
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정찰가격 : 450,000원



Seven Road Handlebar

Seven’s high-performance butted 7050-T6 aluminum road handlebar comes in a more rounded version and weighs just 270 grams for 40cm. Available in 38cm, 40cm, 42cm or 44cm widths, with 31.8mm diameter and 125mm drop.
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정찰가격 : 150,000원





Seven Commuter Handlebar

Tiberius™ Handlebars

Seven offers a custom, commuter-specific handlebar in three different styles.



Width: 16″
Rise: 1.5″
Grip Angle: 102°
Grip Length: 5.5″
Set Back: 90°
Extension: 1.5″


Width: 16″
Rise: 2.3″
Grip Angle: 110°
Grip Length: 5.0″
Set Back: 90°


Width: 15″
Rise: 0.5″
Grip Angle: 96°
Grip Length: 8.5″
Set Back: 90°
Extension: 0.6″


Launched in concert with our line of commuter models, the Tiberius offers unparalleled flexibility and a stylish addition. Commuting demands versatility, and this bar delivers. Multiple hand positions? Check. Custom fit? Check. Room for bells, lights, computer, GPS, and anything else? All of the above.

Made from 3-2.5 Titanium alloy, the Tiberius is built for a lifetime of durability. Any reasonable reach, rise, and angle is possible.

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