Classic Seven 1-Inch Socks


The Classic Seven 1-inch Sock is made in the USA using the airflow design sock, the SpeeDe® by Defeet. Durable Aireator® mesh weave moves air around your foot, keeping them dry and comfortable.


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Product Description


It is a universal truth that one can never have too many cycling socks. Between dare devil escapes from the dryer to just plain mysterious post-ride disappearances, a cyclist's stockpile of socks seems to require constant replenishment. Our Classic Seven 1-inch Socks are a perfect addition to your cycling sock rotation if you prefer a lower height 1" cuff.

size small medium large x-large
EU 36-39.5 40-42.5 43-45.5 46+
US Mens 4.5-6.5 7-9 9.5-11.5 12+
US Womens 6-8 8.5-10.5 11-13 14+


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